Need to save some money? 2016 Penny challenge

Starting the New Year is exciting, tiring and often you are broke as f*ck. Setting goals, organising a new routine (or fitting back in to your old one) is hard work, so when you're counting down to your next pay check and the left over cheese board can't pay for your train ticket, it's a good idea to consider making a saving plan for next year, or even for the middle of the year.

If you save one more penny every day you can have £667.95 by the end of the year.

So if you want to do it day by day that would be £0.01 for the first of January, then £0.02 for the second of January, then £0.03 for the third of January. Today is the 6th, so if you're starting right now you will need £0.21 ready for the jar!

However, remembering to put pennys in a jar every day isn't as easy as it sounds. So, I've worked out how much each month totals to if you want to save a lump at the end of the month (which usually means payday....)

January £4.96

February £13.34

March £24.28

April £21.62

May £41.44

June £49.92

July £61.60

August £71.84

September £79.36

October £92.00

November £102.24

December £105.16

By the end of 2016 you could have enough pennys saved to take yourself on holiday, buy yourself some designer shoes or even have a years premium gym membership and a new workout kit!

Every little counts, the most you will have to save per day throughout this challenge is in the £3.50 range, which really, just means skipping that hot chocolate, not buying the trashy magazine or walking home rather than getting the bus!


Jess xx 

P.S in case you've not already been told, give 'making of a murderer' a watch on Netflix, it's fantastic! 


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