Alexa Chung is a busy bee...

How to get a job at Vogue with Alexa Chung Episode two is now here! 

Not only that, Vogue has revealed that Alexa has collaborated with Marks & Spencer to create a collection for the high-street store named 'Archive by Alexa'. The collection is made up of 31 ready-to-wear items inspired by the M&S archive, the most exciting part is it, it will launch in April this year, giving us only around 2 month to wait!

"It was so fun to be given the keys to the M&S archive and such a treat to get to cherry pick the very best of their vast collection of pieces"

Along with the collection, Alexa is directing a campaign for it too. This collection is the first of Marks & Spencer's new 'M&S &... ' project that is focussed on the brand inviting a range of designers and fashion stars to create capsule collections.

I would expect some denim for this collection definitely, but perhaps some more suede and casual 'tomboy' garments... lets get saving for this exciting collection!


Jess xx 


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