YEEZY Season 3 : Directional fashion?

Kanye West has been firmly in the celebrity news front pages for what is becoming weeks now. His tweets, lyrics, wife and now his fashion line are a hot topic for more than just fans. His recent lyrics about Taylor swift have left him under speculation of feminists and her fan base, while his revelation of the $53 he claims to be under has has shocked us all.   

For his Yeezy 3 collection he held an event at Madison Square Garden last week, during which he played his new album, The Life of Pablo, for the first time. As straight forward as that sounds, it was not at all, he was creating a live visual art piece with the help of models (who had signed up through online recruitment and were reportedly payed $100 each) and special guests including all the Kardashians and Jenners, who never fail to attract the press. 

It has been said the inspiration behind this extravaganza was this image,

This is Southern Rwanda, April 1995, one day after Tutsi soldiers had massacred thousands of Hutus crammed into a small area of the Kibeho camp. There image is by British photographer Paul Lowe.

This photograph featured on the invitations of the Yeezy 3 invitations, unsurprisingly confusing everyone. 

But once the show began, it was clearer what Kanye was aiming for. The performance he created with performance artist Vanessa Beecroft was a representation of Rwanadan refugees. 

As the first track of his new album came to an end a parachute kind of cover was pulled back to show the 1,200 or so extras dressed in the Yeezy signature monochrome colours and items from previous collections.Divided by gender they circled refugee tents where other models, who were also separated by gender, wore the Yeezy Season 3 collection. 

The new collection is not far from the previous two, but has a more varied colour palette. 

At one point Naomi Campbell, Veronica Webb, and Liya Kebede emerged in black leotards an floor-length mink coats, joining the other female models on one tent.

This fashion show is far from the catwalks we are used to and political issues are not something any sane person would expect Kanye to convey. But is this directional fashion? Should images such as Paul Lowe's be used more in creative industries to bring the worlds history and outstanding issues to the forefront of conversation? 

Although the garments Kanye creates are overpriced and worn looking, they are wearable, comfortable and versatile.

You have to wonder if this is actually directional fashion being missed by all of us just because its Kanye's name on the label. If it were another designer to transform a catwalk in to a live visual art piece about refugees, would it be phenomenal and respected? 

Or should such serious political issues be used or related in anyway to the manufacturing and sales of high priced clothing?

Yes, Amina Blue was back for this season too, but with a different look. To see more about her and her involvement with Yeezy see here 

But that isn't it for Kanye, he may be $53 million in personal debt, but he now says his dream is to be the creative director of Hermes and has even told Anna Wintour. It isn't an impossible dream and for that reason we should start to take his creations more seriously... if we can. 

Kanye West wasn't the only music star to put a collection down the runway, Rhianna had her Fenty Puma collection debut on the catwalk. All the looks were tough, sporty and very Rhianna and received better press than Yeezy 3 for sure. 


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