Olive | The British contemporary clothing company

Founded 2010, United Kingdom. 

Olive is a British contemporary clothing brand with its operational headquarters and flagship store in Regency Cheltenham. 

They have a refined, gentle but large choice of styles. All of their products are made in collaboration with a network of independent designers and all have their own personality. 

There is an element of street style, every day wear but there is a sophisticated, elegant and expensive spin on all of the products.

A true British feel shines through combined with modernity and sweet playfulness.

"We’re an intensely focused, passionate, tight-knit team that have laboured to deliver our audience with an array of eclectic, unique, and inventively designed garments, beautifully coordinated, and promoted with a highly personal service both in store and online."

One of my favourite things about their products is that they can be layered, re-styled and re-worn for all different seasons, they aren't fast fashion and they aren't purely trend directed. 

"We remain undeterred from the creed of slowness pioneered by Carlo Petrini and Carl Honor√©: in everything but deliveries, we’re committed to a slower pace of life."

^ 7 Pittville Street, Cheltenham, GL52 2LN, United Kingdom ^

"We have a strong creative voice, and highly specified cultural sensibilities, but ultimately we recognise that we are a part of a chain that begins with farming and yarn production and ends with style. "

 "Olive, like many businesses, began life in personal ambition. 

This ambition is not a solely commercial one – it’s also a cultural one. It’s deeply satisfying for us to disseminate our own cultural and aesthetic sensibilities, our colour palette, our modest styling, our preference for the natural, the simple and the minimal over the noisy, the show-off, and the try-hard. "

Olive want to contribute to a 'better world', aesthetically and culturally... 'a world of fair exchange, of equal opportunity, and of equitable distribution of profit.'

 "Our roadmap to improving transparency throughout the supply chain relies on the strengthening of our existing supplier relationships – itself a natural consequence of our own development and growth. In the meantime, we welcome any product-specific queries – if we can’t guarantee the origin of the raw fabric of a given product, we’ll always tell you as much. In the modern global economic system, consumer, retailer, manufacturer, and farmer are all interconnected inextricably in a pyramid of ethical responsibilities. Many of our customers are keen to take their responsibility seriously, and expect the same of us. We’d like to reassure those customers that we do share those values and aspirations; this has always been on our agenda, and will strengthen rather than diminish as we grow together."

 – Rohan Moore, Managing Director

Another thing that really draws me to this brand is the frequent looks they post on social media that they have made up themselves. The outfits are always totally wearable and well thought out and are paired with accessories and complementing features to maintain a carefully selected zeitgeist. 

Although the initial impression of Olive may be gentle, pastel and airy, they clearly have something for everyone and show a dedication to improving their ethical responsibility, something that is increasingly important in our universe.

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