Alexa Chung for M&S is here

Yes, the collection is here.

Available online and in store today Archive by Alexa is undoubtably going to be a hit for fashion lovers.

There is an easy to view slideshow on Harpers Bazzar that includes the full collection.

You can see more about the collection here  where you can also watch the film and find further links about the collection.

It is super British and very M&S, there is of course some items for the older lady but there are also garments for any woman that can be dressed up and down for this spring summer. Also, there are some items reportedly still to come.

Honestly, it was slightly underwhelming for me to view the collection this morning, I was hoping for some more Alexa twists and elements, there is no denim and to me the shoes are a fail.

However, my two favourite items are:

There is a page where you can find out if your local M&S is participating in the collection here.


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