Dreamy spring hairstyles from tumblr 2016: Braids & How To

Braids are a popular hairstyle for spring and with popularity, comes possibilities, as more and more bloggers, vloggers and hair stylists give them a go, more and more looks are created.

It turns out they are also popular to sketch, this sketch of 20 different braided looks has been circling on social media for a while now, it is definitely aesthetically pleasing. 

So now it is officially spring time with summer on the way and some sunshine finally reaching the UK I figured it was a good time opportunity to show you how to achieve these looks.

Of course, it takes practice and patients to get your hair looking like a wonderful sketch, but it is worth it and any one can do it, even if your hair is a medium or short length, there is a braid hairstyle somewhere in there for you (the half up, half down styles work on everyone).

From left to right, top to bottom, here is how to achieve the braid looks:

The headband braid:

Missy Sue shows how to do this four ways-
A regular french braid
Lace braid
Dutch braid
Half dutch braid

A pull through up do/Mohawk style:

Annie forget me knots shows how to do this style depending on you hair length and talks you through each step, its an androgynous look that you can make as feminine as you like with flower pins or as warrior like as you want through your make up and clothing-

A braided up do:

Cinthia Truong uses bobby-pins, hair bobbles and a lot of arm work to create this look, you can move the braids around as you wish to re-create this look for you -

A braided hot mess:

Sweet hearts hair design shows how to do this really quickly and easily with only your basic hair accessories-

Swishy wrap over bun:

Jacklyn Kaye makes this look much sleeker and formal which is perfect for school and work, for a weekend or evening look you could loosen up the front to frame your face and add accessories-

A curly side bun:

Natalia Simmons shows you how to achieve this in less than 5 minutes, making it an easy early morning go-to look -

Whole hair 'halo' braid:

As Amber Fillerup says, this is a difficult one to master but is great for hotter days to keep all your hair out of the way... keep practicing - 

Pssssttt... if you are struggling, here is an easier version to try-

Fishtail twist bun:

Missy Sue calls this a bubble bun and makes it look so easy to complete-

Plaited all over bun:

Although 'Foxy Locks Girls ♥ Imogen & Lara' show this look as a high bun, you can bring it lower or to the side depending on how you want it to look! - 

Messy braided high bun:
There are lots of different ways to do a hair style like this 

Firstly Annies Forget Me Knots shows you how to do a braid that goes from behind and then around the bun-

Secondly the 'Pretty Hairdos' channel shows how to do a French braided bun which is closest to the tumblr sketched look-

3D pull through braid:

Sam Villa shows how to create this in a sleek, spring wedding way, if you prefer things a little more rough and ready, pull out some sections where you please-

Side braid curls:

In another video from Natalia Simmon, this look is based around a side braid that can then be placed, twisted or twirled to your liking- 

Half up, half down twist:

Elisabeth Johnson makes this so easy to follow and it takes her less than 4 minutes to complete and talk through!-

Fishtail half up look:

Confessions of a Hairstylist has a slightly harder but very eye catching version of this, it would be great for a party and looks super pretty on long hair-

Waterfall braid:

Cute Girls Hairstyles brings you this 2-in-1 video that has a ladder waterfall braid to try too-

Mermaid braid:

Cute Girls Hairstyles really does prove that braids look equally gorgeous on straightened hair as they do on wavy hair-

A twisted half up look:

The Small Things Blog also shows you how to get big spring curls- 

Twisted side ponytail:

Luxy hair (one of my personal favourite channels) does a refined take on the tumblr look in less than 4 minutes: worth a watch-

Flowing braid:

'Women beauty' also shows how to add in a ribbon which is a lovely extra detail for this look-

 Pulled through pony tail:

Bebexo completes four of these pull through pony tail looks, so you can choose your favourite, they are all quick and as she says, are perfect for when you are running late!-

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