On fleek eyebrows: A history

Eyebrows have a growing importance in how you carry a look, the sleeker the better. 
But has it always been this way?
Refinery 29 did a great article about the history of the eyebrow and I've sifted through to bring you the best bits and included some possible future brow looks. Enjoy:

Ancient Egypt 
In ancient Egypt makeup was less about looking good and more about staying healthy, they believed that the powders they used on their face protected them from diseases and evil spirits. 
Strangely, when a cat died, everyone in that household shaved off their eyebrows as an act of mourning.

Cleopatra, Nefertiti "The Great Royal Wife" of Pharoah Akhenaten 

Ancient Greece & Rome
A time when 'natural beauty' was the most favourable and therefore there was little threading or shaving.
Unibrows were popular and some would actually connect their existing eyebrows with powder. 
The Frida Kahlo look was considered more than just a sign of beauty, but intelligence too.

The Middle Ages
 "Women would pluck their brows almost completely off and tweeze their hairline higher, making their foreheads appear as large and high as possible. I’m sure they would say the same thing about some of our trends today though!" (Van Jones)
Another brow trend of the time was to dye them red in honour of Queen Elizabeth. 

Victorian Era 
Makeup was seen as something for prostitutes, so brows were left full and bushy, and skin bare.
Some European women would (apparently) often use brow wigs made of furry mouse skin to get a full-brow, natural look. 

Florence Nightingale

The idea that makeup was only for "women of the night" was quickly forgotton and commercial cosmetics began popping up. 
'One of the starting points was when a man named T.L. Williams witnessed his sister Mabel constantly applying a combination of Vaseline and burnt cork to her eyebrows to make them thicker and more defined. 
In a stroke of genius, he used a chemistry set to create a similar, more marketable concoction he called the Lash Brow Line that would eventually be dubbed Maybelline.'

The Flapper Era is the true beginning of celebrity obsession. 
Women took inspiration from silent film stars like Louise Brooks and Clara Bow, plucking their brows into thin lines that went out to their temples.
"What was once considered trashy became a trend in transition to women wearing more 'in-charge' 'pants' attire. Expressing confidence by way of makeup in a male-dominated world at the time." (celebrity makeup artist Tomy Rivero).

"Brow trends are shaped by key influencers like the silent film stars of the '20s and '30s," explains Van Jones. 
"Access to these sought-after looks became accessible, especially after [legendary Hollywood makeup artist] Max Factor started nationally distributing these 'made for film' cosmetics to the public."
That thin movie star-inspired brow of the '20s was still in, but instead of a line straight across, the arch became majorly rounded.

During the wartime era eyebrows started trending back toward a more full look, but with a very defined arch. 
Classic stars like Lauren Bacall and Grace Kelly lead by example.

This was a great time for fashion and a great time for brows. 
The only thing that could truly complement Dior’s “New Look” was a done-up face with bright lips, lined eyes, and a perfectly manicured full brow like Marilyn Monroe’s. 

Marilyn Monroe

If you thought shaving the brows off and drawing them back on again thing was a lesson learned and a trend to always be forgotten, you're wrong. 
History proves it is an ongoing way to achieve the perfect brow look.
Apparently, Sofia Loren's eyebrows curved down too close to her eyes and made her look "sad," so she got rid of them completely and penciled them back on using tiny brushstrokes to make them look as natural as possible. 

In the decennial flip-flop from skinny to full brows, the disco era reverts back to ultra-thin arches (as seen on Pam Grier), yet thankfully with a natural-looking arch.

This was the era of excess.
Madonna wore them as dark as possible against her blonde hair and other stars of the time went for a messy out of the lines kind of look. 

We've all over plucked and maybe it was a good idea at the time... that time being the 90's when skinny eyebrows were everything, amongst red lips and extreme eye shadow.

Kate Moss

The perfect in between, not to thin and not too thick, millennial eyebrows were arched, shorter and suitably filled. 

Anne Hathaway had hers plucked on camera in The Princess Diaries

At the moment, we’re seeing a huge trend for women to wear full, bold brows. 
Cara Delevingne is the perfect example.
You only have to log in to youtube to see everyone wants the perfect full brow, there are endless tutorials and reviews.
Everyone wants their eyebrows on fleek. 

Cara Delevingne

Future brow possibilities

Garden brows-
Flower power!!

Eyeliner brows -

Replacement of shape brows

Two tone brows -

Contemporary art brows -

Rainbow brows -

Eyebrows with added bling -
Bling brows

Glitter brows -

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