Festival fairy look

A little detail can go along way and with festival season here and the summer weather brightening up, theres no doubt you have a gig, party or rave to attend.

So, consider this... glitter art. In your hair, your brows, as your highlighter or instead of concealer.

If you feel super adventurous, wear it to work and feel like a magical unicorn.

It is a growing trend that started off as a gimmick, but now you can buy glitter from any fashion store or online and apply it yourself.

There is also the new wave of feminism empowering make up further than day to day - wear what makes you feel good, not what makes you fit in, even if that means surprising others. 

It looks great in photos also, even when the flash is on, check out this Silver Holographic Chunky Glitter that was photographed professionally for sales.

A great thing about it is it comes in lots and lots and lots of different colours, chunky or fine and often with cool names like 'Unicorn Chunky Glitter'.

Glitter also works really well with face paint and for fancy dress. Have a look at this Mermaid Chunky Glitter for an example.

Not convinced? Tinker bell is made of glitter and she is cool af. 

Fairy Dust Chunky Glitter anyone?

And if you need anymore festival or party inspiration, particularly regarding glitter, check out Mika (Wild Daze) on youtube, she is a glitter queen.

Gah, I wish I looked like her.

If you're worried about it ruining your hair or applying it to your face, check out some Glitter Fix Gel to make it a little easier.

And to complete the look? Maybe think about a tiara/crown, to make you feel even more mystical.

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Jess xx


  1. wonderful ; I'm fan and i love totally ! ♥

  2. wonderful ; I'm fan and i love totally ! ♥


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