More festival inspiration : Mermaids

Inspired by the dream of being a mystical creature and Project Mermaids, many bloggers have started posting their mermaid make up tutorials, in which they create scales in the most effortless way possible.

Using fishnets!

But this trend goes beyond Instagram and Youtube, Project Mermaids was started in 2012 by celebrity fashion photographer Angelina Venturella and underwater photographer Chiara Salomoni. They both have a passion for preserving the ocean and began 'Project Mermaids' to bring awareness to how valuable the ocean and beaches are to keep our planet and environment healthy. 

Project Mermaids is capturing celebrities in mermaid form working with The Mertailor Eric from Florida, which is making and donating the costumes for the models. 

The project has had recent press coverage in the Huffington Post and US Weekly.

50% of the proceeds from Project Mermaids are going to be addressed to the 'save our beach foundation'.

Another great thing about this look is, you can do it to what ever scale you like. 

You can go all out :

Or go minimal :

With halloween far from round the corner, the next best opportunity to try this out has to be a festival. It is practical also, just pack some fishnets and your usual make up (maybe with some added glitter and vibrant tones) and you are away!

Need some fishnets?

Want to add some extra glitz?


Jess xx


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