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Cereal is a travel and style magazine. It is published twice a year and is divided into city-specific chapters. Each chapter includes articles about places, people and products. Each article is paired with fantastic photography. 

An 'interlude' section, included in every issue, features a selection of style and culture articles.

Cereal magazine is great read for those with wanderlust and anyone else wanting to broaden their reading list. It is such an informative easy read that is made even more enjoyable thanks to the photographs. 

On the Cereal site you can read a variety of journal entries too, all accompanied by stunning photographs. 

If you are more interested in the photographs, head over to the gallery page and enjoy!

Cereal also makes city guides that are made up of a refined selection of their favourite places in various cities around the world. 

Each online guide comes with an introduction to the city alongside essential information, and features anywhere from 10-20 locations, exclusively photographed by the Cereal team.

They currently produce printed city guidebooks for London, New York and Paris.

Cereal magazine also has a great Pinterest page that perfectly conveys their aesthetic!

You can also follow Cereal magazine on Instagram


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