Wearable technology: Fitness trackers with style.

Health and fitness is eternal, just like style. So what do you get when you combine the two?

Trainers change all the time and fitness wear is getting more and more trend focused, but developing wearable technology is now ticking all the style boxes.

You have more than likely heard of the fitbit, which is a popular market leader at the moment and their new Fitbit Alta (released in March) is what review site 'Wearable' is calling the best for style.

If you aren't so sure about all of this wearable and technology stuff, watch this add, it puts it in to practice.

So you tap the band and you can see how many steps you've done, how many calories are being burnt, how long you slept for and how many minutes you have exercised basically.

Then, you can connect with other Fitbit users to help motivate each other and such like.

Another great feature is that it keeps you moving, if you have been sitting for too long it will buzz to remind you to do some walking, the aim is to get you to do 250 steps each hour.

The Alta band also works with your phone so you get calendar, text, and call notifications. 

 More good news is that it has a long battery life meaning you can wear it up to 5 full days and nights without needing a charge.

You can also get different accessory bands to change your style. 
"Use Luxe leather and metal bands to take your Fitbit Alta tracker from day to night and work to weekend."

Annnnnd.. you can learn more about your sleep, the Alta also silently wakes you up by vibrating.

If you want a wearable with a bit more bling and glam, try the Swarovski Slake Activity Crystal Set by Misfit:
Fully faceted crystal in a Swarovski-exclusive cut Smart button enabled to control connected household devices 
White LED progress and time display 
Automatically tracks steps, distance, calories, and light and restful sleep 
Non-charging, replaceable battery lasts up to 4 months.

If you want more accessory options and ways to wear, then have a look at the Misfit Ray Fitness and Sleep Monitor , you can wear it with different bracelets or as a necklace!

Also, you can get it in the popular rose gold colour: 

If you are looking something but you are on a budget, check out the Xiaomi Mi Band MiBand Smart Bracelet which also counts your steps, monitors sleep, wakes you up and counts calories.

If you want to focus more on exercise, a better option would be the 'Moov Now' which enables you to:
Analyse and coach your form
Measure your motion 
Count reps
With a battery life of up to 6 months

All while doing that, it talks to you, motivating and helping with your workout.

It is actually rocket science that amkes the Moov wearble work , the 9-axis Omni Motion™ sensor captures & analyzes your motion in 3D.

And it is available in more than one colour!
Moov Now Wearable Audio Coach - Blizzard White

A contemporary, helpful and stylish accessory that also helps you achieve your goals and stay healthy? That is certainly an investment!


Jess xx


  1. WOW that is great...but i think i need to deal with the price hehe..



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