Sick of the same old halloween?

Each year halloween gets a little more scary and a lot less innovative. All decorations start to look the same and it's painful to walk down the halloween isle in the supermarket... not to mention the amount of plastic that is used in the production of this throwaway celebration, but we won't dive in to that.

And I am sure I'm not the only person to be put off by the killer clowns even more this year when it comes to attending events, so here are some alternative DIY decorations you can stay at home and do with friends to mark the occasion without all the scary mess.

Stick on some movies, binge on snacks and be glad you aren't out in the cold.

This one is pretty self explanatory, and very arty:

Carve a Pineapple:
It is way tastier to eat the leftovers and its soooo hipster.

Stuff it full of flowers:
This way you can leave it out longer too, make it a fall decoration!

Slogan your pumpkins:
This is a fun thing to do with friends and an impressive thing to share on social media...

Go crazy with that old metallic spray:
Spray any unwanted or reduced fruit and veg silver, gold or bronze then make them look as pretty as you like - very pinterest

Try some fancy writing to welcome your guests:

Whatever you do this halloween, stay safe and have fun, be yourself!


Jess xx 

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