Unique Christmas gift wrapping 2016

Buying gifts for Christmas can be difficult beyond belief, especially when you want to find something special, unique and memorable.

Wrapping and presenting that gift to someone you love then becomes a problem, especially if you only have one roll of wrapping paper, no gift tags or feel like you haven't quite ticked the personalised box.

Yes, if you're wrapping looks amazing people may be reluctant to rip it open, but it equally can be saved or photographed  and ultimately adds to the end effect of your gifting.

Here are some simple, personalised, unique and cost effective ideas for wrapping this year.

 'Chalkboard' packages - with some black paper and a few white paint markers, you can create a really cool and simple finish on gifts, with no scissors, sellotape or ribbons required... and each one can be different! This idea is also great for birthday wrapping!

Splattering paint on brown paper is so simple and looks just like snow in white, then to add even more of a personalised package, use a stencil to add initials to the gift tag - easy and so cost effective!

 Wrapping tiny presents in magazine pages is easy and ethical and better than newspaper because the ink doesn’t rub off the same way. Magazine pages also have straighter edges and are easier to fold, as well as less likely to rip! 

If you’re wrapping something bigger, you can tape two magazine pages together to get a bigger sheet. Then, to add a more Christmas feel, finish with a gold or red bow for the ultimate effect!

A simple, free way to spruce up your wrapping is to keep it basic with brown paper and string ties then add an oversized label and some festive greenery just before you hand it over - Lovely!

1. Start by wrapping your gift in plain brown paper. 
2. Make your yarn ball by winding together some yarn into a little ball. Every so often, add a dab of hot glue to the bottom so that the ball is secure. 
3. Attach the ball to one end of the package. Then lay out your yarn where you think you want it to go. 
4. Start securing pieces of yarn in the shape you want. You don’t have to secure all of it. 

A more personal way to finish off a gift - and a unique way to replace a tag is to add a photo, either glued on or slotted in to the ribbon or tie!

1) Roll out some of your wrapping paper and place the oddly shaped item that you want to wrap on top of it. Make sure you use enough wrapping paper to cover the item. Cut your wrapping paper to size. 
2) Place your paper face down on your table. Fold the right and left sides in until they meet in the middle and overlap some. Tape the seam.
3) Fold the bottom of the wrapping paper up to create the bottom of the bag.
(read more here)

Getting creative with contrasting paint and left over paper for smaller gifts also keeps your siblings/self/children entertained and creates a unique finish.

Read more help on the DIY here.

Aren't these animal themed gifts just gorgeous? simply wrap your gift as normal then ad ears, and facial features and maybe some antlers or feet! If you want to add some glitz, layer some glittered paper for further effect.


Jess xx


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