A new era for British Vogue?

Alexandra Shulman, the longest serving editor of British Vogue and current editor-in-chief, has announced she will step down from the magazine in June. 

She has edited British Vogue for a record 25 years – a quarter of its existence. In an announcement Wednesday morning, she called it "one of the greatest privileges" to have been at the helm during the magazine's "spectacular centenary".

This followed the news that Nicholas Coleridge, managing director of Condé Nast Britain will also be retiring in August. Commenting on the news of Alexandra Shulman stepping down, he recently commented -

"She has edited the title for a quarter of its existence, through its period of highest ever circulation, and its simultaneous transformation into a global digital brand. She has been the towering figure of the British fashion press throughout her tenure: a superb journalist and editor, who understands and exemplifies every quality."

After some mixed opinions of Alexandra's methods, outlooks and attitude in the BBC documentary of British Vogue last year, it will be interesting to see who will replace her and the changes that the magazine will see.

I think many people will be hoping for a more digitally focussed take, with more personable features as well as the acceptance of more bloggers and writers outside of what is mostly known as an elite group.

Read more here about her main contributions to Vogue here.


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