Ethical instalment: Why Fair Trade? - Breaking terminology down

There are so many different labels, terminology and labels that seem to all promise good things when you buy their products.

But how do you know if it really is doing good and how can you trust a couple of words and logos?

To buy better, we need to know more. 

With the internet it is even easier now, but I guess for many people it's just finding the time. 
For me, I googled 'fair trade explained' did a little sifting and found this great article on People Tree. It is concise, easy to read and breaks down the 10 points of difference - here are my favourite points: 

"Here are 10 of the ways that buying Fair Trade clothing makes concrete changes within the world of fashion.. Fair Trade fashion"

Creates a path out of poverty 

The purpose of Fair Trade is to create opportunity for economically marginalised people in the developing world, alleviating poverty and promoting sustainable development. 

Is transparent and accountable 

Fair Trade fashion means a transparent and accountable supply chain.

Is a good deal for everyone 

Fair Trade means caring about the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of the people and communities who make our clothes. 

(People Tree does not maximise profit at the expense of the people who make our clothes. They build long term relationships based on trust and partnership.)

Is about a fair price 

Fair Trade fashion means a fair price that not only covers the cost of production, but enables production that is socially and environmentally responsible. 

It means paying workers – both women and men – a fair wage for their highly skilled work. It also means Fair Finance, making advance payments to producers when necessary. 

No child labour 

While we all hope no child labour is involved in the making of the products we buy, the reality is that many conventional brands cannot guarantee there is no child labour in their supply chains. 

Through Fair Trade premiums businesses can support schools in different communities. 

Empowers women 

In Fair Trade fashion, women’s work is valued and rewarded – and women are paid fairly. 

Fair Trade empowers women, paying them equally to men for doing the same job. 

Means safety and health are a priority 

Fair Trade means a safe and healthy work conditions for producers. 

Promotes justice 

Raising awareness and the possibility of greater trade and social justice in the world is at the heart of what we do. We provide our customers with information about how our products are made. 

Respects the environment 

Fair Trade actively encourages and pioneers better environmental practices and the application of responsible methods of production.

But how do you know it is fair trade?

This site breaks down the different guarantees of fair trade and what they mean - it varies on different brands and logos. But, in general all it takes is a little reading in to you favourite stores or brands or googling the logo they use.


Jess xx

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