My January outfit inspiration

My January outfit inspiration really needs to reflect my lifestyle - lots of studying, commuting and work but when I'm not head to toe in black strangled by an awful uniform tie, I do really like to push my outfit ideas beyond some jeans and a jumper.

White Jeans in winter? I'm not a fan, but the giant scarf, gold accessories and chelsea boots are a hit with me.

This print is a little too daring for me, but I do want to try to clash prints more, even if the colours don't coordinate. 

Layering summer clothes is difficult but it means I can save some of my waitressing tips for falafel burgers (my current favourite, I'm vegetarian again and hope to be Vegan by the end of the year...)

This is the outfit inspo I wanted! After a long wait and lots of hunting I finally have a pink puffer jacket, with thanks to my auntie who bought it me for Christmas - looks like a grey jumper and black jeans really set it off. Not sure why she is standing in a broken wall though... still wish I looked like her. 


Jess xx


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