ETHICAL INSTALMENT : Mango's 45-Piece Sustainable Collection.

Mango Is Launching A 45-Piece Sustainable Collection this Wednesday 1st March, online and in store.

It is obviously no surprise that they are making this move now that both of their direct compeititors Zara and H&M have an eco-friendly and ethical line of clothing.

The collection is for spring and is titled "Mango Committed", made up of a 45-pieces - 25 women’s and 20 men’s styles. 

The brand worked with manufacturers in Morocco, Portugal, and Turkey to create a capsule collection using ethically-sourced fabrics, such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Tencel. 

So what else do we know about its credentials? 
The materials have bee dyed with "environmentally friendly inks" - and comes with individual international certificates "guaranteeing their sustainable origin" - including 
GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and OCS (Organic Cotton Standard) / GRS (Global Recycled Standard).

This move is part of Mango’s larger Take Action initiative, a long-term plan to implement a new business model based on sustainability and more environmentally-friendly processes that the retailer launched last year. 

“Mango has been working in different initiatives related to sustainability for many years now and this collection seemed like a natural step," communications director Guillermo Corominas told VOGUE.

"We have carefully selected the materials and suppliers we wanted to work with, and it has been more or less planned at the same time as the rest of collections of the season. It's a thoughtfully crafted collection for women and men featuring fashion pieces committed to environmental sustainability."

The capsule features relaxed suits, structured sleeves, and sweatsuits — minimalist shapes rendered in earthy tones.

As minimal and luxurious as the clothing seems, it is hard not to notice how quintessentially 'Organic' the collection looks. Which is a shame when there was potential to take a new perspective of how ethical fashion can really look - it doesn't have to be pale, plain or pleated - it can be anything, even if that is ripped jeans, fluted sleeves or one hit bardot tops. 

Reformation for example do a great job of proving that ethical clothing doesn't stick out like a sore thumb and that really its something you would see on ASOS, but with a little more people power & eco-friendly credentials. 

What else are Mango doing ethics wise?

Previously in 2015, Mango also introduced an in-store recycling program in partnership with Koopera, a Spanish organization.

On top of this new ethical line, Mango is currently "developing an internal tool to calculate the company’s water footprint and identify the processes, garments and installations with the greatest water-saving potential, which will help it reduce its water consumption".

The brand also says currently 44 per cent of Mango's other collections comprise of natural fibres.

However they have also announced that they will be lowering prices and releasing clothing faster and more frequently - which brings us back to the good old question of can fast fashion brands ever be truly sustainable? It seems there is potential, however it is also clear that the race to hit the biggest profits stands in the way.


Jess xx

Who saw this coming?
Of all the ways fashion has addressed politics on the runway, Balenciaga's AW17 men's showing was one of the most head-scratching: Last month, Demna Gvasalia presented a new logo for the French fashion house that bore quite the resemblance to the logo for Senator Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign. 

CNN's Jake Tapper asked Sanders about the "bizarre sighting at Paris Fashion Week" of models wearing "Bernie clothes," which Sanders responded to with laughter — because how else would one react? When asked whether he thought he would ever be "a fashion icon," the Vermont senator gamely responded: "No, not quite. Of my many attributes, being a fashion maven is not one of them." 


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