Transparently priced cosmetics? Try BeautyPie

Transparency is clearly more important to consumers than it was 10 years ago - this is shown through the success of brand such as Everlane and reflected in how bigger brands such as H&M disclose details about their business practices.

This has also been the drive behind BeautyPie a site that combines the Everlane concept (Transparent pricing) with the Costco concept (membership).

“No one believes in a fixed price [for beauty] anymore,” says BeautyPie founder Marcia Kilgore, who spent decades creating beauty products as the founder behind Bliss and Soap & Glory. 

The £10 monthly membership covers inventory costs and overhead, and has a shopping limit of £100 (not including shipping and handling). 

Nonmembers can buy BeautyPie items at retail cost, meaning a foundation will set you back £30 instead of £5. The brand launched very recently however, meaning there is still room for the selection of products to grow.

BeautyPie’s promise is that it cherry-picks the best formulas and offers it to members at ridiculously low prices. 

“The mark-up on makeup is huge — it’s 10 to 12 times [the cost of production].” Kilgore and her team test formulas from factories in cosmetics capitals such as Italy, Korea, France, and Japan to make cosmetics that rival most prestige brands. 

The BeautyPie dream is to offer quality luxury products without the markup of having fancy name attached to them.

“You go to these factories, and it’s just the most fun,” says Kilgore. 

“It’s like walking into a gingerbread house for makeup. These people and formulators spend an entire year trying to whip up a new lipstick. I would leave each factory with a suitcase of new beauty formulas and think, ‘How would women feel if they could do the same?’” Although Kilgore won’t disclose which brands BeautyPie shares factories with, she insists they’re all top of the line.

You can buy BeautyPie membership as a gift here too.

More good news is that BeautyPie is cruelty free, meaning they do not test on animals - theres no information around their vegan credentials yet though.

Also, they use Earthinks® (Which are among the most environmentally-friendly inks on the planet, are glycol and silicone free, contain no heavy metals, and have a zero voc level) for their printing on packaging - which is also eco friendly and recycled. 


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