George Style Scouts- Teen Fashioniastas? This is a MUST read!

Hello all! I am so shocked at how many comments my posts have been getting recently, thank you SO much!

Anyway this post is about the 'George Style Scouts' Competition. It is aimed at 10 to 16 year olds who have a passion for fashion! George at ASDA have teamed up with Sugar Scape to look for teenagers to join their brand new Style Scouts panel to help them design an exclusive range aimed at teens  for George!

The first prize winner will:
Join the Style Scouts panel for George Style; which will involve meeting the George design team and George’s suppliers to help create a capsule collection for George. 

Take part in a photo shoot to promote the new range.

Get the chance to go to Barcelona on a design inspiration trip, together with one parent/guardian (including flights from the UK and airport transfers, accommodation and meals, all of which will be arranged by Asda).
Receive a flipcam to record their experiences
Two runners-up will each win the chance to join the Style Scouts panel, and take part and appear in the photo shoot.






I am proud to say I'm currently wearing this nail varnish. It matches my converse!


For more information visit

If you want to enter the competition go to

Be quick as the competition is only open until the 19th of July 2011!

Geek xx

P.S Stay tuned for a new outfit post!


  1. interesting post...

    i followed your blog..
    hope you follow mine to!


    check out my blog as well :)

  2. This competition looks so good, how I wish that I was young enough to enter it!

    I love the colour of your nail polish by the way, and I'm currently lusting over some yellow converse.


  3. That competition sounds cool. I love your nail polish.

  4. sounds great babe

    Amazing clothes!

    New outfit post - Get your rock on

  5. I wish this opens internationally, but anyway thanks for sharing! The nail polish is so beautiful ;)

  6. Love the color of the nail varnish

  7. I love that nail color <3

  8. That nail colour rocks. Im not fashionista enough for this competition, but it looks exciting!

  9. that's such a great idea! it's really cool to have the young fashion lovers get their foot in the door.

  10. Lovely nail colour.
    Just be aware though, Asda are part of the Walmart group, who are horrendous when it comes to a variety of moral/ethical issues. It's entirely up to you where you shop/advertise on your blog, but I think everyone needs to make as informed a choice as possible!

    Kate x

    Follow me!

  11. Really nice post! And I like your blog btw :-)


  12. ooh this sounds cool!
    thank you for your lovely comment!
    please visit my blog

  13. Me encanta elcolor amarillo, fantastico, da mucha energia¡¡¡
    Besos Isabel

  14. Wow, quite the opportunity! Sounds amazing! Loving your blog!

    chloe **

  15. great info thanks for sharing!
    I'm so going to try and enter

  16. I love that nail polish color! Simply stunning!



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