A key piece for this A/W- BOOTS: September marathon post #10

Hello dears! I am proud to say that the September marathon post has gone smoothly up to now with a post everyday of September so far!

I have a lot of exciting plans coming up for Chic Geek as a brand, so stay tuned!

Unfortunately my plans for the Chic Geek Blogger Awards have had to be postponed as I have been super busy with other stuff and loads of school work so please forgive me. But it will happen, sometime in the near future.

Also, I am disappointed in myself in how I have been rushing all my posts, copying and pasting introductions and spamming Facebook and twitter (we all do it!). So I am going to make my posts more personalised and begin to tweet and Facebook more often (with out overloading you with info).

Lastly, I am in my last year of school and need to really start considering my options for the future so if any of you have advice on how to break into the fashion industry, have done any college courses in fashion, know of any entrepreneurship or good sixth forms then please let me know!

I love A/W don't you? One of the milestones of the season for me is going boot shopping- its so much fun (and expensive)! 

I have pulled together all of my favorite styles and picked some gorgeous pairs out for inspiration. One that is more of an all year round staple that I didn't include is Army boots, which are also fab.

What are your favorite styles of boots? How do you wear them and where do you think is the best place to shop for them?

They have those leopard print boots^ in Primark for £8 at the moment and  in Matalan for £10!

Eeek, I was in Topshop today and saw a studded pair of Cowboy boots, but its too late to add them to this Polyvore set so, you will have to go onto their website to see them- sorry :(

These are the cutest! ^^

Lots of love, hugs and thanks from,

Geek xx

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  1. All these wellie boots are so cool! Love them

    Check my new post


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