Celebrity Style Paparazzi: NYFW 2012- September Marathon post #19

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Celebrity Style Paparazzi is back! And with a fashion week twist. WOW, there are some A-list stars to sort through!

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^Now that is what I call a front row. Alexa Chung for one has a rightful place at every show in my opinion. And that fish tail plait is perfecto- well not literally but the little casual wispy bits make it 100% pretty-er :) ^

^ OMG. It was only yesterday that I dug out my faux fur leopard print jacket: this snap has confirmed that its a must wear this A/W. ^

^ Super chic and classy as always, Olivai rocks this print. Does anyone know where she got those bracelets from ? ^

^ Aww, a picture for the album Jess! ^

^ This Bart simpson jupmer is beyond fab- I need one. ^

^ Another snap of Olivia, but un-surprisingly she makes minimalist look easy. PLUS that clutch is... I am speechless ^

^ Loving the caualsness, but may I have one of those goody bags please? ^

^ More evidence of pink being a huge colour over the next few seasons- so feminine ^

^ Such an elegant material and print  but the shoes and clutch have to be fierce to avoid being overlooked: Well put together I say. ^

^ Those shoes are great, I love the orange theme going on and the animal print, oh and wait the nails to match? Yeah girl, you got this look down to a tee! ^


^ The gold jewelry breaks the boring all in black (+ sunglasses?) ^

^ Very 60's, the electric blue shoes rock. ^

^ More pink? Another fishtail plait? I am seeing a trend.. are you? ^

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  1. ooh i loveee cara delivigne & kendall jenner!

    New outfit post ; full of spikes


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