H and M A/W- Daphne Groeneveld : September post #11

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I did accidently post this really late last night but I didn't mean too. Sorry :(

I firstly love all of H and M's clothes and completely support their high quality, reasonable price, with a designer twist approach to the high street.

But I fell in love with their A/W collection after I saw that Daphne Groeneveld was the model. She wears all of the clothes perfectly and her fair skin makes all the color pop out of the picture.

However, I was shocked to see harsh comments left on the H and M Facebook page after they posted this campaign.
'she is ugly'
'It seems in the modelling industry these days, the uglier the better.'
'she is disgusting'

Were just a few. I was gobsmacked at how free willingly these people were throwing insults at the poor woman- she may not be Audrey Hepburn but is still stunning and pulls of the vintage vibe.

These sorts of comments (to me) are just one example of how the fashion industry is persistently attacked by the public- despite them knowing very little.

Anyway here is a few snaps I found, I hope you like them!


Lots of love, hugs and thanks from,

Geek xx

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  1. Daphne wore the collection well she looks stunning!

    Emma x


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