Indie/ hipster: September marathon post #17

Please read the short note I wrote to all you amazing people here if you haven't already!

I have started work on my 2012 fashion scrapbook, so look out for some pics ;)

I am so excited about future plans I have for Chic Geek, including an official website that will launch in 2013!!

Who is looking forward to Doctor who tonight? :) 

Please let me know what you think of the September marathon so far- (in the poll)

I am so thankful to everyone who has supported my blog and has made it as successful as it is today :)



Lots of love, hugs and thanks from,

Geek xx

*Please vote in the polls if you haven't already


  1. totally love galaxy print but i can not find anything for men or unisex tee on internet :(


Thanks for all your lovely comments they make me smile :)

If you have any question email me;

{Any hate or innapropriate language will be deleted}

Geek xx :)


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