Pink perhaps? - September Marathon post #26

There are only 4 more September marathon posts left- which has been your favorite so far?

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TREND ALERT: Pink is getting hotter and hotter everyday.

In every tumblr feed, blog post, tweet and status there seems to be something pink. I love the color so its is a perfect trend for me, but, don't worry tomboys- I have devised a few tips to twist the trend to fit you!

Go for galaxy prints first- to introduce you into lighter pinks
paint your nails pink
pick up some super cute pink jewelry
pink lipstick adds a pop to any outfit

For a more feminine touch:
pink lace is great
go all out; but don't clash shades
REMEMBER: You are not a walking paint pot- own the clothes, they don't own you.


Lots of love, hugs and thanks from,

Geek xx

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  1. Love your pink inspirations!So beautiful and stylish

    Check my new post


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