See the stars wearing Victoria Beckham's designs- September post #21

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The super slim shapes, simplistic colours + effortless cuts = minimalist heaven.

Victoria Beckham is forever criticized for anything and everything but one thing- I personally- will never understand is how little attention her dresses receive. Celebrities wear them from Red carpet to conference looking fab-u-lous.

Her collections have New York-ers starving for more, the Paris-ers struggling to control their happiness and the press going; well as mad for the dresses as they are for a Chanel 99.9% off sale!

As a blogger I say- more appreciation for her design skills, although the dresses seem simple, that's what makes them so brilliant!

^ Victoria Beckham herself ^

^ Blake Lively ^

^ Olivia Palermo is looking amazing! ^

(Source of images: here)


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