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I have spent most of my day waiting for Monsters Inc to come on channel 5, I also watched Sister Act and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; all snug in a blanket with cheese toasties, lemon swiss roll, cups of tea and toblerone cookies! How did you spend your Sunday?

Oh yeah and I walked my dog Pippin in the pouring rain, which may sound awful but I love the freshness in the air, flushed cheeks and seeing the leaves fall of trees. It screams autumn at the moment!


Studs are statement. Fierce, rock and roll. You can customize almost any item with them and work them any season.

Studs have proved very popular this year however, making their way onto the catwalk, couture clutch bags and hipster blogs.

I say to keep their impact to a maximum keep the amount to a minimum- just one item shall be covered in studs per outfit and pic appropriate minimal jewelry and colors to match.


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  1. Interesting post and I love all inspirations

    Check my new post

  2. You've got to love studs..right ? Really like your tumblr , Followed :)


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