'The Versatile Blogger' Award

YAY! I have been awarded 'The Versatile Blogger' Award. Thank you so much to 'Mademoiselle Wanderlust'.

So for this award I have to make up 7 questions and answer them.

1. What are your 3 most recent buys?
-Creepers (leopard print and studded- look out for an outfit post)
-An ACDC shirt (which my Ga-Ga actually ordered as a surprise- thank you!)
-A leopard print peplum top (from new look)

2. What are you focusing on at the moment?
I am very busy with school work (I have mock exams coming up and a load of media coursework to finish)
As I'm leaving school in about 6 months and 20 days (exam leave) I am looking for colleges and sixth forms.
Also I am hoping to refresh 'Chic Geek' with a new layout and a new angle on my writing

3. If money wasn't an object what would you do?
Take my whole family around the world, buy them everything they wanted and set up my own fashion magazine

4. A little bit about yourself?
15 years old from England. Aspiring Fashion Journalist/Stylist looking for a big break into the fashion industry... oh and I love food, clothes, travelling and the hunger games

5. If you had 3 wishes?
Provide a stable life in New York/Australia for my family and live with no worry's
Eliminate needless suffering
Cure cancer/terminal illness

6. Favourite season?
100% A/W. I love oversized clothes, cable knits, fur coats and boots. I think A/W is the height of style, S/S is more mish mash and carefree.

7. How would you sum up your blog?
Chic, high quality fashion inspiration. A must read for any fashionista- its bursting with current, past and future trends. Spend 30 seconds or 30 minutes scrolling and you will leave having seen or learnt something new.

Now, nominating who I think deserves the award (I didn't know how many I was meant to choose: let me know if there is a certain number please)

- Alexa from A life in the fashion lane : I love all of her posts and her coverage of NYFW was amazing. Also we have been following and supporting each others blogs for a long time.

-Veena from Seven Inch Stilettos  I love her blog layout and her writing is fascinating; she makes you feel like you are there/wearing the clothes/know the person

-Ellen from Ellen Atlanta : Her hair, firstly, is fab. All her posts set my imagination on fire and I love her instagram.

- Alexis from Dolly Rocker Girl I have been following Dolly Rocker for a while and it never fails to impress me. All the photos are brilliant and Alexis not only gives the biggest vintage trends but explores trends that have had little press/attention despite their excellence.

- 'Bobbie' from Bobbie Austins Closet  the most frequently updated blog I follow, I am forever loosing my self in the photographers and musicians + 'Bobbie' has been a dedicated follow of my blog.


** Any requests for a celeb style file?


Geek xx

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  1. thanks so much for the award
    and congrats on yours! you totally deserved it
    keep up the good work <3

  2. hurray for passing on the versatile blogger award and I like the fact you chose AW as a season, really original

    *MlleWanderlust *

  3. Lovely blog <3
    Check out mine sometime if you want :))



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