Vlogger inspiration: Zoella

I have been contemplating making a Youtube account for ages now but have never got round to it. With my GCSE exams around the corner it is obvious that there will be no chance of be making one till this summer. So for now I am hunting down the best vloggers in the Youtube sphere.

If you have a you tube account please leave it in a comment at the end for me to look at/post about :D

I found Zoe's channel after it popped up on my Facebook feed. No I am not a Facebook addict. It was a confidence (hehe). The thing I like most about her videos is how quick and simple they are. Most of them don't have annoying background music and the picture quality can not be faulted.

Also, Zoe has managed to turn her videos into more of a conversation,  her blog posts are informative yet informal. She is very down to earth and appears not to have lost her originality in the 20 million views she has received.

Another plus is that she has tumblr- which in my current blog brainwaves/mind is an essential.

I was also pleased to see that Zoe is not a snob. She is in fact a savvy. There is nothing worse than a blogger who shops nowhere but Selfridges and looks down on Primark. Primark is fab ok.

Anyway, not a very long post today because I have lots of school work to do #notfun I will be sure to tweet and tumble tho hehe.

My fave videos of hers

Her links


Geek xx


  1. I love Zoe she's one of my favourite youtubers/bloggers!

  2. Nice post, your blog is lovely!


  3. Ahh Zoe's is my favourite! :)



  4. I love Zoella! One of my favourites :)

    It would love if you stopped by my fashion blog.
    x Mariana | www.goingteen.blogspot.com

  5. zoe <3 Great blog and nice post ;) I will be here more often, I'm your new follower. Don't forget to visit my blog too!

  6. Aw I love Zoe! She's so gorgeous and funny - her and Louise are a dream team!

    Love Ellen xx

  7. She's such a gorgeous person. Her and Louise are a fantastic duo! xo

  8. Your blog is really lovely! Am now a follower :D

    Would love a follow back :D

  9. nice to meet u really love ur post..
    If u would like we can follow each other and visit our blog , it will be a great pleasure for us to know ur view about our new blog....

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  10. Love Zoe's videos. I kinda neglected my YouTube account last year, so am trying to get back into filming some. My emphasis is always on blog posts rather than videos, just because I feel comfier with that format! Thanks for stopping by my blog btw x

  11. Thank you for sharing her channel! I checked out the videos and they are absolutely amazing. Lovely post!

    xoxo, Meera | www.momentswithmeera.com

  12. Amazing videos, well done!! Also thank you so incredibly much for the comment you'd left on my blog:)
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  13. I love Zoella too. She is so funny :)

  14. I absolutely love Zoe! She's so funny and I love watching her! :) You have such a lovely blog! :) x Laura


  15. I didnt know her (shame on me) but the videos are amazing :) I followed you on GFC, maybe follow back?

  16. I love your blog. Follow us?
    I m new follower
    Chocolate Rose Style

  17. I love Zoes youtube and blog too! Her primark hauls are my fav
    Daniella x


  18. I love Zoella! She was one of the people who inspired me to start my own (and very new) youtube channel.

  19. I’m really like it! Very, very dgdeeac good!
    zoella boyfriend

  20. Soo true about Zoe's style of writing on her blog! Her videos are so friendly and also funny! great post x



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