Capulet London tote[s] turns heads in Paris: White shirt

I'm back! 
The trip was amazing, I met loads of great people and got a fantastic insight into the film industry which has got me very motivated to make films for my blog.

While I was there I went to several screenings, one was an amazing documentry 'I am eleven' which both shocked me and impressed me. 
1) Shocked- by some of the childrens responses to questions and lack of naivety 
2) Impressed- it was an amazing idea and truly opened my eyes to a wider picture.



Outfit post: 

I took my fave Capulet London Shopper Tote it was very versatile, received countless compliments and was very convenient:

Shopper tote for iPad and MacBook Air in black

The small pockets on the inside kept me technology and passport safe and secure leaving room for my other items.
This, for me makes Capulet a further respected brand because they have met their aim:

Where can I [you] get that from?

White shirt: H&M
Leggings: Primark
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Earrings: New Look
Jacket: Topshop
Gloves: Asda


Geek xx

Quick self shot in the surf shop:



  1. love your outfit darling. very cute! xoxo

  2. That documentary looks really good! :)

    Your outfit is so nice!

    Love your blog, I'm following.

    Jade xx

  3. Love your outfit! :)

    So happy I found your blog, I'm following :)

    Alara x x

  4. Love your outfit! Especially your bag x

  5. Love that bag! Versatile bags are really the best.


  6. Es precioso el look, gracias por pasarte.

  7. Cute outfit! Love your bag and jeans jacket!

    X Laura


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