You can never have too many pairs of shoes: Trendy trainers

They are everywhere. Trainers. Designed for exercise but now worn for vanity. With jeans, shorts and even skirts, ladies these are your now must haves. 
Although some people may see them as tacky, when they're the right colour and worn on the right occasion they do really add a sense of comfort and individuality to an outfit.
I have personally got some Nike Breathe 5.0's that I plan to wear with jeans for college:
A suitable occasion
Versatile color: black 
And super comfy to walk in

It firstly began on tumblr when the hipsters discovered that its possible to actually do unique things. Air Max's are the most popular with many teenagers in the UK owning a pair.

Trainers worn in this way have even acquired a slang name for themselves 'creps'. Not too sure if this is a British thing or not...

Here are my top four trendy trainers and how to wear them:

Air max 

New balance

Tr Breathes


Do you own a pair of trendy trainers? Would you consider turning sport in to chic?


It was my first shift at my new job today, I am super tired now. Next week I start college which is very exciting but it means that life is very busy. Follow me on tumblr, I always blog on the go:


  1. I have recently been wearing trainers with dresses and skirts. It's so comfy! And I also think it looks quite nice :)

  2. Love your styling ideas!xx

  3. Its def between New balance & nike for me, nice sneak post dear. Hope ur getting on fine with ur new job.


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