LBC: Little black coat

You've heard of the little black dress, a classic, chic, pretty, must-have piece.

But this Winter its all about the Little Black Coat. So ditch your over worn parkas and dreaded ski jackets, here is an essential guide to buying a LBC.

Buying a winter coat that is:
-Reasonably priced
-On trend
-Long lasting

Is very hard. Opting for a LBC (little black coat) ensures you are on trend and versatile.
With regards to the rest of the checklist?

Reasonably priced- I personally wouldn't pay over £100 for a winter coat.

Warm- Make sure its the right size to fit layers underneath and it a suitable length (past the hips)

Comfortable- You want a thick material to fight the snow, but what you don't want is the weight of the world on your shoulders. So be choosy in your material and of course sleeve length (long obviously!)

Unique- Its all about the shape. Oversized, tight, waist hugging, sloping necklines, zips or double buttons

Long lasting- taking care of your coat is an obvious one but its important to read reviews on the coats and companies you are buying from

Top 5 Little Black Coat's from the high street 

1. Topshop 
Teddy fur pea coat 

2. Primark
Oversized Coat

Exclusive Biker 

4. Dorothy Perkins 
Gold zip biker coat 

5. Warehouse
Borg Collar biker coat


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