College: Fashion 14

On the week beginning the 9th of June 2014 my college class and I began to prepare for the showcasing of our garments in true runway style. 

As a first year I had the opportunity to witness how the show was pulled together and organised. There was lots of last minute preparations and final touches; including lots of zips and buttons.

We held 3 shows hosting between 150-200 people in each, each show lasting around 40 minutes.

The running order was as follows:

First Year customized denim dresses

Second year spectrum shirts (all different colours to present the colour spectrum)

Second year jacket design

First year disruption collections

Second year final collections 

Thankfully every show ran smoothly and everyone had a great time.

In total I modeled 5 outfits and 3 of my own garments were shown.

One of the second years Mitesh Patel, was head organizer and brilliantly kept everyone in order, hired a camera crew, professional photographer and assisted with model requirement.

This means I can show all of you lovely followers the show via Youtube and many photos that I have gathered from photographers. Let me know your thoughts! 

skip to my denim dress here

Other outfits I wore

The collection I designed with my team

The theme was disruption; clashing prints, layers, garments and making a statement

My favorite second year collection was this Hollywood glamour theme;

Here are my friends and I in our customized denim dresses:

I cant wait to start working on next years projects and looking into universities.
Let me know what you think of the photos?


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