Get your hands on a pair of: Knee high boots

Knee-high boots rise to your knee or higher calf. 
Traditionally they were worn by fishermen, dairy workers and duck hunters to protect their feet from natures harshness. 

They became part of the fashion world around the 1950s . There have been lots of variations in design and they even differ a lot today. It is safe however, to say they do not look like items to be worn by fishermen.

Infamously, they were worn by air hostesses in the 1970's, who knew uniforms used to be so sassy?

Never the less, they are back this season as the most popular choice of winter boot.

Here are some pairs I reccomend you snap up quick:

H&M: £34.99

New Look: £39.99

Topshop £125

Topshop £220

River Island: £100

As for their versatility? It all depends on the style you choose. Some, can unfortunately make an outfit look cheap and tacky, for instance a suede black pair with a leopard print dress; in my opinion, not very chic. But hey, maybe you could rock it.

For me, knee high boots look really great with A-line skirts and jumpers, its a cute way to keep half of your leg warm. Don't get me wrong they can also give a good adge to any pair of jeans or be comfy under your office trousers too. 

Two of my favourite celebrity looks are Olivia Paleremo (first) and Candice Swaneopel:

Olivia wears these grey lovelies with a dark tartan shift dress making her whole ensemble comfy, chic and very on trend this A/W

This isn't Candice's best outfit, I have to admit but its undoubtably cute and quirky. Almost a little french too.
(photo source)

One important thing to remember about any winter shoe, is their durability. Your poor lovelies have to carry you through the cold and the wet and the last thing your balance wants is money going down the drain. So, invest, shop around, read reviews and try them on, you may even find a pair to last you a couple more seasons. 

Do you own a pair of knee high boots? What do you think about their return? 

Happy Wednesday,
Jess xx

Sometimes life doesn’t want to give you something you want, not because you don’t deserve it, but because you deserve more.


  1. i'm always in love and fan of over the knee boots ! ♥ so chic with a lot of styles !

  2. Love knee high boots! I got a pair of black ones this season :)

    Aniekeme for TFLA

  3. Li adoro!!!!


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