Global tensions rise as another unarmed teenager is killed unlawfully in the USA: Social media is the catalyst that sparks a fire ready to catch.

The following article is not fashion related, it is something I personally feel very strongly about and hope to signal boost, its my opinion and you don't have to read it.


This is not a rare phenomenon, racial injustice is a daily problem for billions of people world wide. But as more people gain access to the news, witness accounts and social media platforms, this type of crime is hard to ignore, or indeed, get away from.

The facts are extremely hard to grasp in our current society, everyone has their own opinion, cameras, personal experiences and of course, a platform to share them on.

Ironically, the media was designed to spread the news widely and efficiently, but mixed messages and facts lost in translation now mean that many people do not understand what is really happening in the world around them.

This uncertainty only adds to the tension felt everyday in our streets, classrooms and homes. It begs the question, are we making progress? Or are we getting blurred by our own power and thirst for success? 

Regardless of what news report or protest you choose to read, an unarmed human being shot six times with his hands up, this should never make sense. 

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