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It's been soooo mega busy for me recently. I've been worked ten times as hard at college to achieve the best grades I can for applying to university, while securing as many offers as possible for September aaaaand trying to keep my self sane...

The silver lining to missing my blog is that I've received three university offers and I'm only waiting on one more now! (Which is booked for only weeks from now!!)

Also, I achieved an A grade on my latest research project at college, and have almost finished making my first ever jacket:

You can view my online portfolio here

I'm starting my Final Major Project now, which I'm basing on womens business wear.

Intentions for the project: Creating a capsule collection of womens business wear that can be mixed and matched to be worn globally, suitable for most industries. 

Research into: Different job roles worked by women – showing the difference in countries and societies- Equality between men and women- Beauty standards and the way the media affects females specifically 

I will look in to different sectors of business, different industries and different centres of business.

With regards to the female aspect of the project I will look into different beauty standards, different industry equality and roles across the world.

Furthermore I will do some deeper research in to:

The 1940’s when women dressed for the war and had to make do and men

The 1980’s, which was the time of power dressing

Todays society, when womens wear is highly diverse world wide and sparks all sorts of debates. 

so watch this space... heres some of my inspiration so far: 


"We should have a holiday called Space Day, where lights are to be shut off for at least an hour at night to reduce light pollution, so we can see the galaxy."

Jess x


  1. Hi Jess, congrats for your first Jacket this is really looking as we see in shopping malls with brands... jacket saying itself that you have given time and creativity. I have question in my mind about white fur in collar and sleeves.. is this is made by cotton or anything else?

    Womens Business Events


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