Amina Blue explodes social media after modelling for Yeezy

If you follow any kind of fashion account, or even a teenage boy on social media you have more than likely seen Amina Blue photographed from Kanye West's Yeezy show.

Not only does she have dreamy eyebrows, Amina meets the height of todays beauty standards: Short, Curvy, a healthy type of skinny, small waist and thick thighs.

Her tattoos never the less definitely add to her USP's (unique selling points, business studies taught me well) which also include being 5"1, a vegetarian and seemingly down to earth.

Google her name and she doesn't yet have a wikipedia page, search twitter for her name and you'll find a feed full of fans drooling over her "aesthetic"

From what I can gather she is a commercial model who is often involved in more niche projects, her participation in the Yeezy collection seems to be her most public breakthrough.

Above photos are all from Kanye's latest collection.

You can follow Amina on Instagram
Her feed is full of gorgeous selfies and very lovely quotes

Controversially, Kim Kardashian revealed her newest hair style yesterday, it has been speculated she was actually influenced by Amina, perhaps its after comments that even after Kims attempt, Amina actually low-key broke the internet... Thats none of my business though. 

What do you think?



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