Summer nail inspiration

Summer for a lot of us is the perfect opportunity to dress up our nails, there is no school or wooly gloves and for some of us, no work... lucky buggers!

I've collected some great images from Pinterest that really give off some positive summer vibes, some are certainly for those of you with a little more practice when it comes to nail art, or for a day where you have the patience to keep trying!

But I hope these gorgeous designs give you some inspiration for your nail TLC!

 -Line your nails with petroleum jelly or white craft glue before painting them for an easy cleanup.

 -Use a white nail polish as your base coat to make your nail colour pop.

 -Use the tip of a pencil eyeliner to place tiny nail art accessories like rhinestones on your nails.

 -Make your nail polish dry faster by soaking your nails in ice water after painting them.

-Roll your nail polish bottle between your hands instead of shaking it to avoid air bubbles.

-For a quick way to do polka dots use the end of a bobby pin, dip it in the polish and apply gently

Here are some picture step by step ideas to try, all of them are so summery and look stunning:

Do you enjoy nail art?


Jess xx

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