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Planning outfits to fit in any luggage is hard... then there are festivals, where you have to carry your life on your back and treck to find a good spot to stay for the next few days. Chances are (especially here in the UK) the weather will not live up to your expectations and there will be a high chance of mess.

So what should you wear?

A classic (very over worn and boring) staple of festival fashion is the denim shorts/ cut offs, this for me is something to stay away from. Although they may be practical, they have become a uniform for festival going females globally, you wont be easy to spot if you go missing...

After some Instagram stalking research, I've pulled together some on trend alternatives;

The two piece:

Really cute and easy to dress up or down and if you have more than one its not a bad idea to mix and match!!

Missguided has a really wide range of two-pieces and some of them are currently on sale!

All lengths of skirts:

Skirts are quite an obvious one, but why not try a different cut? Maybe maxi or midi, possibly even super mini.

this skirt would look so cool with lots of colourful accessories!


Ah, dungarees the closest match to the denim shorts. Easy, practical and you can wear them more than once. Just throw a t shirt on under and you are ready to go (unless you want to free the nipple that is...)

A more feminine approach to dungarees would be a dress interpretation, not as practical, but very pretty.

Celeb queen of festival style: Vanessa Hudgens

If theres one celebrity that pulls it off every time, it has to be Vanessa. Not only does she (mostly) stay clear of the denim cut offs, she also shows how to glam up your look from the confines of a tent (but then, I guess she might be more of a Glamping girl)

Here, she clashes tie dies and adds a lot of sparkle with her overlay top.

Over the knee socks are forever cute and especially with a little dress!

Playsuit's are a good way to save room in your luggage too, its an all in one! Her jewellery here is lovely!

Probably her most famous festival look, a bright maxi dress, paired with bohemian accessories and face gems.

What will you be wearing this festival season?


Check out these other cool festivals shown in this article, who knew there were so many wacky celebrations?

Floating lanterns festival (Hawaii)

Holi colour festival (India)

Sapporo snow festival (Japan)

Winter light festival (Japan)


Jess xx 


  1. Lovely images! I'd go with the dungarees or a fun/comfy playsuit! :)


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