Underrated: MANGO

A really under rated store (in the UK anyway) I've been increasingly interested in for the past few months is MANGO. 
All their items are chic and not at all tacky.
The main thing for me is also the quality, for a H&M price the quality is just like Topshop!

There isn't a store very local to me but their website (http://shop.mango.com/GB/women) is really quick to load and has a fresh layout (no one likes an over crowded screen when you've been staring at the screen for hours looking for the perfect dress...)

Another important thing to mention is that their SALE is actually a SALE not just a 5% off to fit in with an advert, some of their things are more than 50% off. Good job Mango. 

ETHNIC DREAM 2015 by Mango
One piece suit £13.99

This summer 2015 tutorial is so pretty and bohemian, all the bits are great for holiday'ing and maybe even for a festival...

Caftan £12.49

Dress £22.49

Dress £9.99 (I NEED IT)

Blouse £17.49

Definitely check out their sale and the preview of some Autumn items!

Do you shop at MANGO?


As promised, some photographs of my garments from my college fashion show...

I finished my two year course with ABB (DMM) and will be going to university in September to study fashion business and promotion!

My cousin was one of my models, here she wears the outfit I made for my FMP

I also modelled for some of my friends work, here I wore a stunning strapless white dress that had been screen printed with a lace-up sleeved jacket

Action shot of the finale 

Here are some quick backstage shots of my models:

//Shirt project//Jacket project


Myself and my two gorgeous models, they were so great and helpful for all the shows!


"No matter how your day is going, you are growing. Repeat to yourself, ‘I am growing. I am learning. I am being. I am. That is enough."

Jess xx


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