What to wear to university: tips on student outfits 2015

Although university is for studying and working hard as with all other situations it feels like a crisis when you have to dress for it for the first time.

No one can tell you exactly how to dress and what will make you feel best, its your choice totally and chances are it will take the first week for you to get a feel for what suits you, your course and your daily regime.

But as a fresh uni student starting in a few weeks (yes I'm scared too). I've done a little primary research in to the most important things to consider:

1. Something you are comfortable in: Meeting new people and being in a new place is hard enough, if you aren't feeling comfortable in yourself it will shine through and be harder to grin and bear the awkward first time greetings and misunderstandings of the campus map

2. Show off your personality/personal style: You dont have to wear a uniform! For some of us its the first time we can wear our own clothes, so take advantage of it. Not only that, showing off your personality through your outfit is a quick way to attract people with a similar taste to you (do not wear a band tee if you don't actual know/like the band, save yourself the awkward conversation: this is not an obnoxious tip...)

3. Be practical: You're going to be working your a*se off and if you're commuting or travelling often or always, you need to be ready for different situations for all day. (High heels of course are not recommended)

4. Try to avoid over dressing: although some may argue overdressing isn't a thing... but a ball gown to a lecture isn't practical and just wastes a good outfit ladies. 

5. And equally don't under dress, look ready to learn, fresh and presentable: students are always being called out for their party tendencies and hungover appearances, you wouldn't dress for your dream job like you've just crawled out of a tequila fishbowl? So step up to the plate and look like you want to go somewhere with your tuition debt (drinking lots of water before bed after drinking is meant to help headaches the next day people!!)

Are you off to university this year?

Jess xx 


Here's some modern meditation,  what do you think?


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