Braid it up: si vous s'il vous plaît 2015

Braids always become most popular during the summer, not only because they keep your hair out of your face easily but because they can last for days and are great for festivals.

But with the popularity of the ice queen Elsa, her sister Anna and the evolving types of braid (theres so much more than the french braid people...) it's more than a good idea to start practicing them for this A/W too.

Some of the braids I've seen are crazy difficult and take lots of practice and arm strength (seriously, having your hands above your head so much is tiring) but others look difficult but are perfect for when you are running late. Equally, sometimes doing your braid before you sleep makes it look more natural for the next day, you can just smooth it over with hairspray and a little comb. 

The two minute braid bun

3 Braid ideas for school or work

Cute mermaid braid- half up and half down

By this point if you've attempted some of these braids im sure you look a little more like a stressed Elsa

The repetitive pull through braid

And of course the Elsa braid:

Good news, Anna's hair style is much easier, just a simple braid on one side of your face you can pull over and tuck into a normal bun

If you really prefer your hair being down and braiding is making you want to shave your head, try something simple like this, just a few little basic braids pulled into a half up half down style:

Or, add some flowers/pretty clips to your usual braid like Rapunzel

How do you braid your hair?


Jess xx 


This time last week I was at Reading festival, the music was amazing and it was definitely a bucket list experience, here's a clip of Circa Waves (I'm in that crowd somewhere!)


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