MAC does a forecast?

Yes, it certainly does. Don't worry, its also news to me and you can grab yourself one.
Makeup is becoming more and more important in the fashion world, its the icing on the cake for many outfits and it can totally change the feel of a look, so really its not a shock that forecast shades are now a thing.
You can get yourself the pallet here for £35 and one of the greatest things about it is that its for everywhere (yes, make your whole face burgundy if its going to be the cherry topping you need).

"SS16’s most-talked-about shades of creamy shadows, from saffron to deep berry, including Back in the Swing, On My Watchlist, The In Thing, About to Sprout, A New Brew and Coming Into Season. Medium, buildable colour. Cream Colour Shadow formulas. Limited edition."

Yes, thats the catch, its limited edition.

Buy here

I've found these really good examples of how to use the pallete from

'Copper eyes' are so good if you've got blue eyes and want them to look brighter!

'Bronzer boost' can also be a great way to contour and make your highlight stand out!

We all know that the 70's are back so brown lipstick is worth a try!

I think 'burgundy lashes' could be a great night time look and 'camel lids' are for all you out there that like to keep things neutral!

Did you know there was a MAC forecast pallet?


Jess xx


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