Fashion documentary? Alexa Chung kills it

Vogue never would have immediately struck me as something I needed to subscribe to on youtube, but after stumbling across this brand new series led by Alexa Chung, on the 'ins and outs' of the fashion industry I must say subscribe subscribe subscribe (also to Elle, Harpers Bazzar and Net-A-Porter).

Its due to have 6 episodes and the first two have already landed.

Alex talks about her own experiences in the industry and about how she got there. We can all agree that even in 2015 breaking in to the real world of fashion doesn't come with  a handbook and your school teachers certainly cant advise you.

As a fashion student myself advice on how to make my career plan work is so important. Really, you never can get enough tips and tricks, the industry is forever growing. 

Episode one: How to Break into the Fashion Industry with Alexa Chung - Future of Fashion

Episode two: How do you become a fashion designer? 

Positive Body Image and Diversity is Good for Fashion, episode two: For me this is the most relatable episode so far, especially with all the movements hitting the headlines this year

Something exciting I noticed was the title of their collection on the channel...'The Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung: Series 1'
Looks like there may be more than one series (eeeek!)

What do you think?


Jess xx


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