Halloween things for scaredy cats...

Halloween isn't for everyone and it seems the older you get the more boring it gets. If you aren't into scary films, clubbing, pumpkin spice lattes or small humans knocking your door, is the 31st of October really any different?

Here's some ideas on how to make it a little more fun, less annoying and will give you something to talk about.

1. Do some baking, try to use pumpkin or get creative with all the creepy decorations promoted in stores

2. Buy a load of your favourite foods as a treat to 'yo self' - no tricks attached

3. Carve a cute pumpkin

4. Watch some kind of scary Disney films

The little mermaid, Alice in wonderland or 101 dalmatians!

5. Go to the cinema, its dark in there and you can eat treats...

6. Make candy apples

7. Be thankful you aren't out in the cold, even though its pretty

8. Order Pizza, you don't have to go out and see the costumes that way

9. Burn some tasty smelling candles, just because its  most certainly autumn now

10. If you feel like doing a good deed, offer to do face paints for the younger members of your family and make sure theres someone to accompany them in the evening!


Jess xx 

Look at this reallly cute owl! Source.


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