Give it a read: Refinery 29

It can be hard to find an informative site that is A) Trustworthy B) Interesting and C) Not full of Ad's

A site that I've come across over the past few weeks is Refinery 29, that claims to be a modern woman's destination for how to live a stylish, well-rounded life. From celebrity influences to American news stories, the online magazine has it covered. 

Staying in the loop of trends, current affairs, celebrities, music and modern living can be difficult but it is becoming very important when progressing in careers, especially in the fashion industry.

Another good read is the Independent newspaper or the 'i', both are very honest, raw and informative. You can get the independent as an app on your phone (a great read for the train...) or purchasing the 'i' - it's sister paper- is only 40 pence and is sold in most newsagents. The 'i' breaks down the biggest stories from all sectors and tells you the bits you really need to know. 

Watching the 10pm news is no longer enough and to get a true insight in to the planets most vital news stories you really do have to venture out in to the unknown reports and investigate yourself, the truth is very rarely all at your finger tips.

Here are some great articles I have read this week, that I would recommend to you all, get reading!

Behind the headlines: Refugees  : this article is so wonderful, the layout is so interactive and refreshing and the images are so relevant and not emotionally blackmailing, a great read.

H&M South Africa in hot water over diversity tweets There is actually statistics that now prove that diversity in advertising sells more products, it seems some big brands have missed that news though ...

Some good news this week is about SeaWorld, who have announced there will be changes to some of their Orca shows after rising pressures from around the world regarding their policies. Unfortunately however, it is not enough, the amusement parks should be shut down all together and a significant proportion of their revenue should be donated, to relevant charities that work on improving our oceans and the species that live in it. Thankfully, the company is no longer allowed to breed Orcas, this is a milestone in the movement, with any luck and a lot of people power, I really do hope SeaWorld along with all the other amusement parks it owns, will come to a close.


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