Winter hacks

Snow? Yes, snow, well for us here in the UK the real christmas weather is expected to arrive tomorrow. So now is the perfect time to dig out your hat, scarf and gloves. It will be freeeeezzzyyy frozzz!

Now you're all prepped with the obvious things, where are the winter hacks? 

Right here, well 10 of them anyway... 

And for anyone wanting a new hot chocolate recipe I've heard nutella and warm milk is a dream!

1. Keep your face moisturised, it will avoid dry makeup mis haps, moisturising before bed and again in the morning is ideal, but if you're a busy bee, consider buying a super moisturising primer and then its 2 in 1!

2. Leave your gloves in the pockets of your coat the night before you plan to wear it, then you won't forget them...

3. Double up on your socks and maybe carry extra pairs for the unfortunate day you find out those shoes actually aren't in fact the height of waterproof you need

4. Fill up your hot water bottle and leave it in your bed for a few minutes before you get in

5. If you feel yourself getting a cold, swap the sugar in your tea/coffee for honey, it will help soothe your throat

6. Getting up in the morning and deciding it is in fact way to cold to function is okay, jump back in to bed and cherish the last few snuggle minutes

7. Get as much sunlight as you can, it will help you feel more awake, help your skin and sometimes it is rare to get a few rays of sunshine with all the snow clouds, meaning you could lack vitamin D

8. When you've drank too many hot chocolates and you really need to kill that sloth-ish feeling, go for a walk, do a youtube workout or get busy with the housework

9. Make or buy a lip scrub, keep your lips moisturised and protected against the cold winds, but do not forget about your hands, keep some hand lotion in your bag and if things reach breaking point (yes your skin may actually crack from the cold) cover them in honey and leave for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water and feel like a new person!

10. If you can, donate some money to people who can't have a warm and safe Christmas this year, good deeds really do feel like a hug from the inside


Jess xx 

A rose put in a bullet hole of a Restaurant window in Paris, with a letter that says “in the name of what”.

Stay safe everyone.


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