Nail envy : The artists

Emma Zener @ Boom Nails is known her her intricate designs and love of animal print. Check her Instagram out here

Imarni nails, is the South Londoner most famous for doing FKA Twig and, Lily Allen's finger tips. 

Ghetto Nailz is an all girl gang creating some of the most rad nail designs out there, if you like bright colours, glitter and out of space, these are the nail artists for you! @ghettonailz

Madeline Poole has her own distinct style; pantone, graphic and modernist. These are my type of nails. @mpnails

Louise Ellwood's nail art designs seem pretty laid back, but then again she painted all the biggest 2015 celebrity headlines onto nails for Her Instagram is pretty too: @louise_ellwood

Which are your favourite? 


Jess xx


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