How to get a job at Vogue: Key advice

Alexa is back with a two part special about how to get a job at the incredibly desirable Vogue.

It is definitely worth a watch if you have any interest at all in the publishing business in particular but also if you want to enter the fashion industry. There are far more roles than meet the eye and each job title carries a range of responsibilities and tasks.

The key points of advice you will hear over and over again when forging out a career in publishing or fashion are:

Have experience - This doesn't mean already have your articles published nationwide, having experience of meeting deadlines at work, meeting new people at university clubs or even experience of how an editorial shoot is ran helps your CV stand out from others.

Become an intern - Internships are hard to get and hold down, especially as most of them are unpaid and often far from home. If you know what you want to do or at least have some sort of idea, look in to the opportunities and suggestions regarding internships and work experience. If you plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to save money for travelling and day to day living your final experience will be much easier. 

Be different (so just be yourself) - Every single person is different and unique in their own ways, so if you want to stand out, just be yourself, you won't be everyone's favourite and not everyone will be your favourite but people will value your genuine qualities

Work hard - The best things do not come easy, hard work is essential when building any career, 
what you put in you get back out

Show initiative - An obvious one that applies all round, especially when you are working your way up the ladder

Be polite and grateful - Manners cost nothing but they really can gain you a lot, be grateful for the opportunities and knowledge you gain from other people and always try to return favours, making contacts and connections goes further than email addresses


What would be your advice to anyone wanting to enter the fashion or publishing industry? Do you have a career in either yourself?

Jess xx 

A great read I discovered today on Man Repeller:


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