My favourite street style sources: by a real fashion student

A good, high quality, interesting street style image can be hard to find. What you need is something with character, a good background, high resolution, recently photographed and of course a shot worthy outfit. I'm not talking about the street style browsing you do to help build an outfit for a wedding or work, I'm talking about the street style, real life, research browsing that has to go in a big fat bound report for University; yes, it really is an important part of research to all those lost internet surfers. 

Don't get me wrong, street photographers hardly ever slip up on their final collection of images, but it might not be just what you are looking for... (Fashion student problems)

My go-to street style source is Vogue, Cliche? Yes, but they have the most up to date imagery, in high quality and it has all be especially edited before publishing at least once (they are a multi million company)

Another site I like is 'garbagelapsap', all the images have character and show of great items of clothing.

Streetstyle aesthetic  has lots of good shots, including close ups and 'in the moment' sort of photos (my favourites)

Streetgeist, by name is cool in itself, most of the photographs are very head on and posey but theres a wide variety of looks.

Street peeper is very easy to navigate around which saves time when you are flicking between indesign, vogue, youtube, Facebook and your brief. There are photographs from all around the globe, from different seasons and every look is interesting (to me at least)

My most recent blog find is 'le21eme' which has loads of imagery in high quality from the streets and from catwalk shows backstage. Due to the large images though my computer struggled to loads them within the 20 second waiting time I'm used to...

Probably my most favourite however is 'just the design'...I wish I could dress and look like all the people featured on there *sigh*... it is hosted by tumblr which means it loads fast and you can just like and reblog things to use later!

I'm currently working on a buying and merchandising skirt project, here are some of my favourite street style shots I have gathered for my research (credit to Vogue)


Jess xx 

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