Natures Soap Continued

Firstly, Natures Soap have updated their website, where you can now create an account, make wish lists and earn rewards, which is very exciting. 

Also, the following bloggers have tried and tested some products too:

This week I tried my sunshine bath truffle which lived up to its name completely, the bath water turned what can only be described as a sunshine colour and the smell had very zesty, summer feel. 

The water felt so light and soft on my skin and it was as if the butters were cleansing my skin automatically. There was no mess and it was easy to use thanks to the gorgeous carry bag, making it favourable over the mess Lush bath bombs leave behind. 

I have been using the goats milk soap almost daily now, especially on my shoulders and back where I often suffer from acne and have definitely seen a difference, there is less redness and my blemishes have definitely reduced over the last couple of days at least. 

Something I really like about this soap is the activated charcoal works as a gentle exfoliate and the smell is so natural and not at all like chemicals, which most acne washes do.

I'd like to say a big thank you to Natures Soap for the really great products and for the opportunity to work with them, I have really enjoyed trialling the products and telling everyone else about them. Everything has been honest and true, I really would recommend checking out their products, especially the gift sets which are great birthday ideas. 

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